NINGBO ESHINE OPTOELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, founded in 2008, is located on the edge of the beautiful Lijiang River. It draws on the power of Jiangnan and creates a photovoltaic technology enterprise with deep roots in Jiangnan culture. The name Yi Xiu has accompanied the company for ten years. Yi Xiu’s footprints are all over the country’s north and south, and there is also a place overseas – Eshine.

    Yi is taken from the Yijing in Chinese traditional culture - Zhouyi gossip, heaven and earth, and integration. In the history of China, the Book of Changes is an all-encompassing, profound book that can be divined, can be seen in astrology, knows geography, and can be astronomical. In other words, it is an encyclopedia and thought guide of ancient people. 'Easy' corresponds to the easy and pleasing in Chinese. Easy in English, 'make LED easier, make life easier'. Simple, concise, and simple, doing lights, doing things, being a person, an easy word runs through the life of the company. Xiu is the essence of Jiangnan, outstanding people, exquisite craftsmanship, the best wishes for enterprises and lighting industry. And 'Yi Xiu' in the Otaru font like a man, a woman, yin and yang balance, as quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit, Yi Xiu two words lively.

    Since its inception, the company's slogan is 'fashion, exquisite, technology.' Lighting can not be separated from technology, only cutting-edge technology can make enterprises continue to grow; with technology, work must be exquisite, to make products with the spirit of the craftsman, let us Chinese manufacturing can carry forward; Walking ahead, we have to make original lighting and comfortable light.

    The company has always implemented a philosophy: to create people-oriented light, to create the light that humans need. Just like the good vision conveyed by the name - E: electric, easy, emotion; shine: sparkling. Make lighting easier, more temperature, more emotional, give people a comfortable light, natural light, and can continue to shine.